Helping publishers to drive yield

Building on a rich understanding of content, Neuwo’s solutions provides publishers with a first-class reader experience and effective marketing categories for media sales.

Data is the publishers most valuable asset

The media needs effective tools for enriching data and monetizing content inventory. Neuwo’s AI-based content classifications helps to cut down the editorial workload, improve the reading experience and create segments for media sales. Read more from here for how automated content tagging creates value! 

From content pools to revenue streams

Neuwo solution enables publishers to create actionable data from their content. With accurate semantic categories your content can be more easily discovered and monetized. How does this work?

Tagging and SEO

Neuwo’s AI-based content analysis provides each content piece the relevant article keywords and tags, creating accurate metadata and classifying content. This saves the editors time, boosts SEO and improves the discoverability and  monetization of the content inventory.

Reader activation

Based on the Neuwo content analysis, recommendations of similar articles can be automatically displayed on the articles. This improves the reader experience and increases the time spent on site, providing more quality traffic to the media property.

Contextual targeting

Neuwo’s content classification provides a deeper-level targeting based on the article content. We have the most accurate contextual targeting on the market by offering our own extremely precise Ontology along with all common taxonomies like IAB’s Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 levels, Google Topics etc. By integrating with Google Ad Manager, you can enjoy fully automated and secure ad serving.

Brand suitability

We ensure brand safety and suitability of content based on the advertiser needs. The proprietary AI assesses content using Neuwo’s own trained model, extending the level of safety by mapping it with the topics in the IAB Brand Safety table.

Key results

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