Intelligent solution for content classification and contextual advertising

We are experts in contextual AI. Building on a rich understanding of content, Neuwo’s solutions powers media with a first-class reader experience and offers brands cookie-free targeted advertising.

Solutions for publishers

Data = power. Neuwo’s solutions enrich the publishers’ data. With contextual AI and automatic content tagging, we help publisher to keep the readers on site and to monetize their content inventory.

Solutions for advertisers

Reaching the right audiences without cookies and IDs, Neuwo’s semantic technology finds relevant and brand safe marketing segments based on content.


AI technologyContextual intelligence

Language-independent solutionLanguage-independent solution

Automates processesFlexible integrations

Building blocks of contextual AI

Neuwo’s proprietary technology is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. With agile interfaces and widgets, we provide you with a turnkey solution to boost your business with rich data and targeted advertising.

Latest AI technology

Neuwo’s unique ontology has been created with extensive dataset and is continuously trained. Transfer Learning keeps ML (Machine Learning) modelling up to date and learns new viral phenomena as they emerge.

Semantic understanding

Utilizing advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) Neuwo creates a human-like understanding of content. With our semantic analysis, the context can be accurately captured for content classification, contextual targeting and brand safety.

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Alma Media



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Getting started

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