Creating value from content – what is automatic tagging and how to implement it successfully?

What does AI have to do with blogs and online publishers adding labels to content? How to get the most value – time and revenues – from a content tagging system?

The publishers’ and blogs’ most valuable assets are the content that writers work hard to create. A creative writer can craft impactful texts – but translating the content into data that adds value to your content inventory is where a tagging system comes in.

Content tagging is the process of analyzing and labeling text, and there are many ways to do it. But it might be easy to miss the potential of a powerful content tagging system, which provides more than just the organizational aspect.


The advantages of automatic tagging systems in content management and marketing

An automatic content tagging system saves time for the writers, relieving them from the labeling process. Finding the right content tags has little to do with creativity – the accuracy of classification is what you’re looking for. A smart tagging tool provides the needed consistency and objectivity that leads to a harmonious tag system.

More importantly, it can positively impact the visibility that the content gains and the revenues created from the content inventory. An intelligent system can improve SEO and allows the publisher to create contextual marketing segments, boosting the content monetization.


Implementing intelligent content tagging – guide

What are the essential elements of a content tagging system? We’ve put together a guide that walks you through the main technologies and the key steps in building a successful automatic tagging system of your own.

In the guide:

  • Different content tagging methods from manual to automatic
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence and NLP: central concepts and technologies
  • Content tagging with AI and machine learning: how to succeed?
  • Advantages of automatic tagging systems in improving content management processes
  • How to boost SEO, content marketing and monetization through AI-based tagging


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