Neuwo combines items intelligently

Neuwo brings an incredible amount of opportunities. It helps to analyze content and apply results in an innovative and flexible way. The API retrieves the most relevant items by extracting the most important data from a sampling compiled with several different AI-modelling techniques. If you want, you can adjust the weights for what kind of data is retrieved.

Neuwo’s ontology model for interpreting Finnish news material has a very high degree of accuracy. If you wish, we can also train your own model with your own material.

TOP features of Neuwo

  • Identification of designated entities
  • Understanding of natural language
  • Word usage based on a targeted ontology
  • Word usage based on a general ontology
  • Identification of the similarity of articles
  • Summary of the main content of an article
  • Categorization against a desired list, e.g., IAB 2.2
  • BrandSafety


Neuwo has plugins ready for most common Content Management Systems like WordPress and Naviga Writer

And standard REST interface allows easy way to integrate anything.