Superior contextual AI engine

Neuwo is a leading contextual AI engine for content classification and automated tagging.​

Whether you’re a publisher, software developer, SaaS platform, or ad network, your content stands as your most valuable asset. But how can you amplify its value further? We advocate that organizations of any size, across all markets, should have access to cutting-edge yet cost-effective contextual AI technology. Achieving meaningful automated content categorization, automated tagging and customization requires an adaptable AI model tailored to your needs, regardless of language.​
Our mission is to make your own data more valuable!

Transition from Grapeshot?

From Oracles Grapeshot to Neuwo, migration is straightforward and hassle-free!

While Oracle Grapeshot provided robust contextual targeting capabilities, Neuwo takes it to the next level.
Our advanced AI-driven algorithms analyze content with greater accuracy, allowing more precise targeting. This means that your ads are placed in the most relevant contexts, increasing engagement and conversion rates. Neuwo’s technology ensures that you reach the right audience at the right time.

No contract is needed, just ping us and well give you a demo where you can see for how our advanced brand safety works, how custom segment can be made on the fly, and overall how the UI works.

Neuwo makes your content valuable

Intelligent content processingIntelligent content processing​

​We enrich your valuable data. Neuwo AI is designed for advanced content classification and tagging, which is the basis for more effective analysis and monetization of content. With the capability to automatically find emerging tags Neuwo enables you to get the most of your content. ​

Brand safety and suitability​Brand safety and suitability​

Neuwo provides a suitable media environment for advertisers with accurate brand safety categories. Brands can select a customer-specific category or IAB classification.  Contextually targeted advertising is effective – and doesn’t rely on third-party cookies.​

Content & reader activationContent activation​

Neuwo creates a semantic understanding of content that allows content owners to better utilize their data and inventory. Recommendations for similar articles improves the reader experience and customer retention, providing more quality traffic to the media property. Tagging of emails, support tickets and conversations and other business data, adds value.​

Neuwo adds value to digital properties and businesses

Neuwo AI effectively builds new value to leading digital media properties with content tagging and classification that improve reader experience and offer undisruptive advertising.​


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“Neuwo has helped us to accurately categorize our content and create more value from it. We use Neuwo’s content classification in our segmentation models when we try to understand our user’s preferences, for contextual targeting and for brand safety in our news medias. The solution works really well at our scale and the service is quickly adaptable to changing news events – which is key for brand safety.”
Niko Hovilainen
Head of Data


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