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Step into the future of advertising in the post-third-party cookie era.
Are you ready to skyrocket your advertising efforts with highly targeted contextual audiences? Look no further!
Introducing a treasure trove of over 10,000 meticulously crafted semantic categories you can harness through Neuwo contextual targeting.
Use our Neuwo AI to create new custom categories.
No tracking, no cookies, no IDs—analysis and targeting takes place on the page in real time.

Neuwo makes your content valuable

Intelligent content processingIntelligent content processing​

​We enrich your valuable data. Neuwo AI is designed for advanced content classification and tagging, which is the basis for more effective analysis and monetization of content. With the capability to automatically find emerging tags Neuwo enables you to get the most of your content. ​

Brand safety and suitability​Brand safety and suitability​

Neuwo provides a suitable media environment for advertisers with accurate brand safety categories. Brands can select a customer-specific category or IAB classification.  Contextually targeted advertising is effective – and doesn’t rely on third-party cookies.​

Content & reader activationContent & reader activation​

Neuwo creates a semantic understanding of content that allows media owners to better utilize their content inventory. Recommendations for similar articles improves the reader experience and customer retention, providing more quality traffic to the media property.​

Neuwo adds value to digital properties and businesses

Neuwo AI effectively builds new value to leading digital media properties with content tagging and classification that improve reader experience and offer undisruptive advertising.​


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