Neuwo API brings an incredible amount of opportunities. It helps to analyze content and apply results in an innovative and flexible way. The API retrieves the most relevant items by extracting the most important data from a sampling compiled with several different AI-modelling techniques. If you want, you can adjust the weights for what kind of data is retrieved.

With Neuwo API Partner Program you can:

  • Add a new and valuable product to your lineup, help expand your business and increase your profitability.
  • Expand your array of services thereby developing new business opportunities and enhancing profitability.
  • You can develop your own products and solutions, extending their capabilities by adding contextual understanding.

Strategic Partners

Neuwo API offers our Strategic Partners disruptive opportunities by embedding our APIs into all their existing solutions. In this manner new market leads arise and increased value is created for existing customers.

System Integrators

System Integrators are a restricted group of tech companies able to design and propose new text analytics solutions for their clients. Neuwo API keenly supports their integration partners guaranteeing that the value of APIs offered responds to the real needs of their clients.

Key results

AI technologyContextual intelligence

Language-independent solutionLanguage-independent solution

Automates processesFlexible integrations

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