Neuwo received EuropeIA certificate

Neuwo has recently achieved certification with the EuropIA label, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to ethical AI practices.
The EuropIA label aims to instill meaning, security, transparency, and trust in the digitalization of AI within our society.

“We have completed the stages of the EuropIA label audit and have attained the gold level,” states Johannes Harju, CEO of Neuwo.”
This certification underscores our dedication to ethical principles in AI. Through a comprehensive evaluation process, our AI technology has been recognized for beeing ethical regarding the data it processes. This validation holds immense importance for us, especially considering our daily dealings with vast amounts of publicly available data.”

Neuwo’s AI technology is centered around a contextual artificial intelligence engine designed for content classification and brand safety.
The company’s journey has been marked by significant milestones, including its inception in the Startup Factory incubator, participation in last year’s IVA, and its success at the Business Rally Investor Day event held last August, where it emerged victorious.