Neuwo September 2023 news

The start of the fall has been busy for many of us, and here at Neuwo, it’s no different. We are thrilled to bring you exciting updates and improvements that we’ve been diligently working on. Let’s dive right in and explore what the Neuwo team has been up to!

Preparing for a Post-3P World

As we gear up for a post-3P (third-party cookies) era, we’re navigating a shifting digital landscape. Google recently enabled the Topics API in Chrome, signaling a significant step forward. But that’s not all; there are some exciting editorial aspects in play as well. With Neuwo, a content creator uses our solution to incorporate Google Topics into their content, thus staying ahead of the curve and leveraging it for marketing purposes.

Improvements in UI

We’re committed to enhancing your user experience. Our latest UI enhancements include improvements in article browsing and more. These changes aim to make your interaction with our platform even smoother and more efficient. Here is a short recap of the enhancements:

Trend view includes latest Articles

The latest articles (per Topic) can now be found under the Topic Trends view. The articles are shown in the same way as the example articles in the Topics view. You can also navigate back and forth (if you’re not already seeing the latest article) by clicking on the previous and next buttons.

Details about Neuwo’s endpoints added to the Landing page

Landing page looks a bit different from now on. It now include details about how to call our API and / or edge endpoints, depending on what services you have purchased. Both URL, token, and an example code are added to endpoint descriptions.

Download buttons for Topics and Brandsafety

Topics with hierarchy can now be downloaded in the topics view. The view includes a “Download all topics” button in the left corner. Topics are listed in an excel file, which also contains the related Upper Topic levels (indicated by an empty cell or 1). This download takes approximately 5-10 seconds.
Brandsafety topics can be downloaded in the Brandsafety view. You can download topics for every Brandsafety separately by clicking the download button located in the lower left corner.

Topic Trends

There’s a new section called Topic Trends where you can view the daily count development for any topic. By default, the time interval is set to the last 30 days, but you can choose any time period you want from the date picker. There’s a one-day delay in gathering the time series data, so the count for the current day is available one day later.The trend view is also linked to the topic hierarchy (under Topics). Under each topic, there’s a direct link to the corresponding topic trend. By clicking the link, a new tab with the trend in question will open up. The same link is also attached in the hierarchy view you see when modifying segments. Once you’ve chosen a specific topic, the hierarchy tree underneath the segment will include the trend link.

Improvements in API

Our API is continually evolving to meet your needs. We’re thrilled to introduce the latest additions, such as the ability to pass a cleaned Neuwo ontology list to your Adserver. These improvements are designed to empower you with more control and flexibility. Now you can choose what ontologies you want the API to return. As an example, you might want to see the Google Topics, Brand Safety, and the IAB 3.0. You have control of this in the UI and decide what the API output is returned.

IAB 3.0 and Google Topics

We’re actively involved in the industry’s developments. Stay tuned for upcoming implementations, including:

IAB Product Taxonomy 2.0
-IPTC Standards
-Capability to emulate 3rd party audiences with 1st party data.

All these advancements are aimed at ensuring that you have access to the latest tools and standards.

Powered by LUMI

Our efforts are fueled by innovation, and we’re proud to be powered by LUMI. Together, we’re driving progress in the digital realm. LUMI is the fastest supercomputer in Europe and the third fastest globally. With the LUMI supercomputer, we can train AI models that require massive amounts of processing capacity. Contact us for more information.

Improvements in Modeling

We’re always striving for better and faster solutions. Our improved modeling capabilities mean faster adaptation to new technologies and opportunities. We can effortlessly deploy AI models tailored to specific companies or any industry.

In focus: k-Digital Medien Use Case

Discover how Neuwo is making an impact with our K-digital use case. The partnership between Neuwo and k-digital will help unlock new opportunities for revenue growth, offering the following benefits:

-Contextual Targeting Excellence
-Monetization Optimization
-Privacy-Compliant Solutions
-Industry Leadership

For more details, read the blog post.

Meet Us at DMEXCO & WAN-IFRA in Oslo!

We’re excited to connect with you in person. Catch us at DMEXCO and Newsroom Summit 2023 in Oslo. In DMEXCO, you can find us in Hall 6, Near Food Court, next to Masterclass 6A. Exact address is 061SU-019. Let’s discuss how we can collaborate and drive innovation together.

Last remark

We’re proud to share that Neuwo secured first place in the international venture academy and EBAN’s Business Rally Investor Day this summer. We’re ready to take on the next challenge at European Angel Investment Summit. #EAIS23

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for your continued support. We look forward to shaping the future of digital with you.

Warm regards,
Neuwo Team