Neuwo Becomes a Prebid Technology Partner – Revolutionizing add bidding

Neuwo is excited to announce our recent partnership with and becomes Technology Partner! As a Prebid Technology Partner, Neuwo is dedicated to revolutionizing the ad bidding process through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

We are proud to announce the release of the Neuwo Real-Time Data Module for Contextual, a powerful tool that empowers you with the ability to enrich your bids with insightful content taxonomy. This innovative technology, powered by, provides real-time data and insights to help you make more informed and strategic decisions when bidding for advertising space.

The rise of contextual targeting and contextual advertising has driven the need for more accurate and insightful data to inform ad bids. The removal of 3rd-party cookies has further highlighted the importance of alternative methods for advertisers to access valuable audience data. The Neuwo Real-Time Data Module for Contextual provides a solution to these challenges, delivering real-time data and insights that can be used to optimize your bids and drive increased revenue.

With the Neuwo Real-Time Data Module for Contextual, you can access a wealth of information about your target audience and the content they engage with. This valuable information can be used to optimize your bids, increasing the likelihood of winning advertising space and ultimately leading to a potential increase in revenue.

The Neuwo Real-Time Data Module can now be tested and the API token can be requested at We invite you to try out our innovative technology and see the results for yourself.

At Neuwo, we believe that the future of digital advertising lies in the integration of data and technology. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing innovative solutions that empower advertisers to make smarter, data-driven decisions. By partnering with Prebid and launching the Neuwo Real-Time Data Module for Contextual, we’re taking a big step toward realizing that vision.

If you’re looking to enhance your ad bidding strategy and drive increased revenue, look no further than Neuwo.