Neuwo and Next GenerationEU

Neuwo and NextGenerationEU

Neuwo and NextGenerationEU

Press release: Jyväskylä, Finland – Neuwo Oy, a leading provider of cutting-edge AI technology, is proud to announce its recent funding from the European Union’s NextGenerationEU initiative. We will use this support to further develop Neuwo AI. This revolutionary technology has a major impact on the advertising industry. With a focus on contextual advertising, Neuwo AI offers personalized and relevant advertising experiences that benefit both consumers and advertisers. In a post-cookie era, this technology will enable businesses to continue providing targeted advertising while respecting consumer privacy.

Neuwo Contextual AI

Built on an API-first strategy, Neuwo AI is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our constantly evolving AI model, trained with tens of millions of articles written by professional journalists, is the background power of several services. With the API, businesses can now integrate contextual AI into their operations and take advantage of its many benefits, creating a deep understanding of language and context.

Contextual AI will shape the future of advertising and it has a bright future. The ability to personalize and optimize advertising experiences will continue to drive greater engagement and return on investment for advertisers. For publishers, the use of contextual AI can also automate the categorization of their content. Hence, making it easier to target relevant advertising and drive greater revenue.

As technology advances, we can expect to see even more sophisticated and effective applications of contextual AI, further improving the advertising landscape. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development and the transformative benefits of contextual AI. Neuwo Oy is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions for the advertising industry and is excited to see the impact that Neuwo AI will have on the market.

About Neuwo Oy:
Neuwo Oy is a leading provider of cutting-edge AI technology, focused on delivering innovative solutions for published content. With a focus on a deep understanding of written text, Neuwo can create safe contextual advertising and personalized experiences with content categorization that benefits consumers, publishers, and advertisers.

For more information, please visit the Neuwo Oy website.