Neuwo AI WordPress plugin for intelligent content categorization and monetization

Content monetization in the blogosphere – announcing Neuwo’s AI-based content categorization and monetization plugin for WordPress 

Full-time bloggers are branding and content professionals. A blogger with an established brand and readership today spends hours creating each individual content piece so that it engages their audience and, among other things, hits the necessary SEO marks. The number of impressions the content piece gets and e.g. eventual affiliate link clicks that then follow, determine the livelihood of the blogging professional.

Affiliate marketing is one source of income for blogs, which relies on the number of impressions on the blog, and advertising is another source. But it’s not a very attractive method for a blogger with a specific brand image and quality content to pair it with advertising based on randomness. Ideally, the ads shown in each blog post would match the blogger’s brand and the particular content piece. This would make advertising less disruptive and more appealing to the blog’s audience.

The problem has been though, that these kinds of ad targeting tools have not been available for the general blogosphere. We wanted to make a change to this!

Quality content needs advertising that aligns with the content. With Neuwo’s contextual intelligence that understands natural language, the blogger can automatically discover content categories to utilize in targeted advertising and to improve SEO.

We specifically built an intelligent content categorization and monetization plugin for WordPress. The plugin can be used in any website that utilizes WordPress and it is designed to help in tagging content and building segments for marketing.

Neuwo intelligent content categorization  plugin  for WordPress 

1) Automatically discover content categories for each content piece 

Problem: There’s a lot of manual work in tagging content with related categories. This takes valuable time away from creating quality content and can also lead to a messy categorization system over time.

Solution: The plugin automatically suggests categories based on the analysis of Neuwo contextual AI, providing accurate and relevant tags. This harmonizes the content categorization throughout the blog.

2) Create contextual audience segments

Problem:  Placing random ads next to quality content also brings down the content quality in the eyes of the reader. Targeted ad solutions have commonly been available only for established media and publishers that have the necessary platform and audience size.

Solution: With Neuwo plugin you can create segments based on the content that interests the audience.

3) Automatically analyze the brand safety of the blog

Problem: Brand safety has become increasingly important. Brands do not want to be seen next to content that does not adhere to their brand safety policy.

Solution: With the Neuwo WordPress plugin you can immediately check if the content is brand safe. In Neuwo you can also create your own brand safety standards.

Neuwo WordPress plugin

An example of content that has been automatically categorized by Neuwo.


The plugin automatically analyses the text and:

  1. Finds automatically the topics from the text and these can then be added as tags
  2. Analyses the text for brand safety
  3. Finds the IAB categories Tiers 1 and 2 from the text
  4. Add Neuwo tags with a single click to WP tags

Getting started

To install the Neuwo intelligent content categorization plugin, go to

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