Annual marketing plan 2023 based on contextual trends

How to create an annual marketing plan based on contextual trends

We have been developing a tool for helping marketeer plan their campaigns based on data and trends and contextual insight. With this tool, you do not have to worry about 3rd-party cookies being removed. Instead, you can utilize contextual targeting and plan your campaigns based on annual contextual trends.  

Marketing teams often operate in hectic environments. Projects and tasks live in team members’ heads, in notebooks, on sticky notes, in emails, and on whiteboards. Managers struggle to keep track of campaigns and results, and it’s hard to know how one person’s work affects someone else’s progress. How can you ease this chaos? 

With the annual contextual marketing calendar, you can plan and organize your marketing projects according to yearly contextual trends. It is a roadmap for all your marketing activities. It is the single source of truth for all functions in the marketing team when everybody knows what and when you should target what. 

This is something that some organizations have in place already. But what if you could add contextual data and trends to this? 

The key feature of Neuwo Annual Contextual Marketing tool

With the Neuwo Annual Contextual marketing tool, you will see actual trends based on millions of data points. This is the crystal ball for planning contextual targeting. Knowing in advance when to launch your campaigns in the right context can deliver better results for your marketing investments. This is what the Neuwo Annual Contextual marketing calendar does in a nutshell. 

  • It offers the “Big Picture” view of your marketing strategy based on contextual trends. No more guessing. 
  • It produces insightful data for your business when you should target what. 
  • It eliminates impulse media buys when you see bargain media that might be underperforming in driving new business. 
  • Forces you to analyze your media purchases in advance and then prioritize which media brings the most value to your growth. 
  • Saves time because the plan is decided in advance based on the annual contextual trend, and you can eliminate multiple team meetings and guesswork.  
  • Everything you do is based on data and facts. 

 Are you ready to embrace the annual contextual targeting tool by Neuwo. Contact us to learn more about the technology behind this new revolutionizing tool. We offer you a free test run of the tool, so leave your contact details below and we will help you set it up for you.