Neuwo Website Content Analyzer: Automated Analysis of Web Content for higher revenue

Discover relevant information with the Neuwo Website Content Analyzer – harnessing advanced AI technology to bring you accurate, content-aware results for higher ad-revenue.

Getting started

Let the Neuwo Website Analyzer do the work for you. Add the domain that you want to be analyzed. Leave your contact details, once the analysis is done by Neuwo AI, a report will be sent to your email.

Why Neuwo Website Content Anlyzer?

Revenue – Content analysis can help you determine the relevant keywords and topics covered on a web page, which can then be used to estimate the potential value of the content in terms of its ability to attract search traffic and generate clicks.

The Benefits

Content owner

  1. Identify high-value domains: By using the Neuwo Website Content Anlyzer to estimate the potential value of the content on your domain, you can identify high-value content on the domain that can be used to optimize the revenue.
  2. Optimize content for higher revenue: By identifying the most valuable keywords for your content, you can optimize your content to attract more clicks and generate more revenue from ad placements or affiliate marketing programs.
  3. Increase your content’s visibility: By optimizing your content for high-value keywords, you can increase its visibility in search results, attract more traffic to your site, and potentially improve your site’s search engine rankings over time.
  4. Better understanding of your audience: By analyzing the topics and keywords that are most relevant to your content, you can gain a better understanding of your audience’s interests and needs, which can help you create more engaging and targeted content in the future.


  1. Improve ad targeting: By understanding the topics and keywords covered on a domain, advertisers can better target their ads to the most relevant audience, which can result in higher click-through rates and conversions.
  2. Optimize ad spend: By using Neuwo Website Content Analyzer to estimate the value of keywords related to the content on a domain, advertisers can optimize their ad spend by focusing on the most high-value keywords and avoiding low-value or irrelevant keywords.
  3. Increase ad performance: By targeting ads to high-value content and relevant audiences, advertisers can improve the performance of their ads, which can result in higher ROI and better overall ad performance.
  4. Gain insights into the competition: By analyzing the estimated value of keywords related to the content on a domain, advertisers can gain insights into the competition level for those keywords, which can help them adjust their bidding strategies and ad targeting to stay competitive in the market.

Analyze any website for the relevant content

Engaging with an audience in the fragmented digital world is a challenge. When your ad is seen next to relevant content, you’re reaching people in the right mindset. Neuwo provides contextual relevance and ensures brand suitability so that advertisers can confidently target their messages to the right people – without the need for cookies or IDs.

Contextual intelligence

The Neuwo Website Content Analyzer works by visiting web pages, analyzing their content, and using advanced AI technology to extract relevant information. This information is then processed and organized to provide content-aware results to the user. The Analyzer’s automated nature allows for quick and efficient analysis of a large amount of web content.

Contextual targeting

Contextually targeted advertising is effective  – and doesn’t rely on IDs or third-party cookies. The AI-based content analysis understands content like a human brain and provides a rich set of categories for marketing.

Brand safety and suitability

Neuwo provides a suitable media environment for advertisers with accurate brand safety categories, ensuring that the brand won’t appear in connection with content that is harmful to them. Brands can select a customer-specific category or IAB classification.